Support the Services Directory




The North Idaho Family Group (NIFG) and community partners fulfill the need and the nonprofit mission. The NIFG has built the database over 16 years of nonprofit and service provider networking.


See it now! A summarized preview version is available at The complete database will be housed in an upgraded version of the current site. An easily printable or downloadable pdf version of the “immediate needs” section will be included.


Annual sustaining subscriptions (access to organizational profiles) sponsors (see below) and grants (currently requested) comprise the funding for the launch and annual maintenance fees for the site. It is scheduled to be fully implemented.


For decades the community need has been for a consistent, accurate and easily accessible resource database for service providers. Recently it became an action item in the CDA2030 Community Visioning Plan. Item (C &I 4.3) “Develop and disseminate a Directory of Community Organizations – Including their organizational missions, key personnel and contact information, links to websites and other important information.” United Way of Kootenai County is a supporting partner.

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